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27 Culinary Street, Mylapore, Chennai Restaurant

27 Culinary Street, Mylapore, Chennai

Restaurant Name: 27 Culinary Street Restaurant
Phone: +914428113837, +919962512610
Address: 27/28, Dwarka Colony, Doctor Radha Krishnan Salai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004 India
Time: 8 AM to 12 Midnight
Meals for two: Rs. 1,300
Cuisines: North Indian, Chinese, Indian, Mongolian, Continental, Momos
Facilities: Home Delivery, No Alcohol Available, Valet Parking Available, Table booking recommended, Kid Friendly, Buffet

27 Culinary Street, Mylapore, Chennai: Decor

The only way I could remember the name of this large, colorful and car themed restaurant, 27 Culinary Street, was to associate it with an old movie called 36 Chowringhee Lane. On the second floor, this is a sensibly spacious buffet restaurant, so there’s enough room for multiple trips to the live counters or to happily gaze at the food without being in anybody’s way. The choices are aplenty. Precisely 85, I’m told. The lighting, strategically placed, is bright around the buffet, showing the food in all its glory. I am quite fascinated by one particular corner, where a tiny conveyor dutifully transports chaat plates almost as quickly as they are made.

Not to disappoint, this place does have the mandatory unfinished walls with framed quotes, forming part of the decor.

27 Culinary Street, Mylapore, Chennai: Food

Although this is a buffet, starters come to the table, starting with Hot and Sour Chicken Soup, which is as steaming hot as it is sour. The chicken bits are soft and the veggies, crunchy.

The waiters here are really fast, and before I have a chance to finish my soup and look up, the Dahi Sev Puri is placed at my table. Before it has a chance to sog up, I quickly try some. The sev on top is thin as it is crisp, while the dahi is perfect. I like that the chutneys don’t numb my tongue.

Cajun Spicy Potato does not live up to its name. I don’t taste any Cajun spice, and the potato is, well, just there, doused in some sort of sweetish sauce. Poor thing. Similarly, the Paneer Sufiani seems to be around just to add up to the number: 85.

The Tandoori Prawns saves this place from being a total disappointment. Smallish and flavored just right, they’re done well, and have absorbed all the tandooriness, accepting it into their very core.

The chef has done a good job with the Bhatti Ka Murgh as well, letting the various masalas added during two separate marinations, show through the crisp charred edges.

I am quite enchanted by the tokri that brings Jhaal Muri to my table. Even better is what that newspaper cone holds: puffed rice, a dash of mustard oil, tiny bits of coconut, whole peanuts, sev, fresh minced onion, tomato, green chilli, chilli powder… street food served street style.

In the main course, I must mention the Dal Makhani. It is like butter, loaded as it is with butter and cream. It goes beautifully with the roti, served hot at the table.

Legend has it that a guest actually ate 100 of these tiny, brown, drenched in sticky sweet syrup Angoori Gulab Jamuns. Eating one, and reaching out for my second, I know exactly why. That dessert counter has 15 other sweets waiting to be eaten.

27 Culinary Street, Mylapore, Chennai: Plus & Minus

This buffet has it all: live counters, gimmicks, variety. 27 Culinary Street’s menu changes every month. My only concern is that with 85 items (I wouldn’t call them dishes) taste and quality suffer.

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