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Blind Ch3mistry, Nungambakkam, Chennai

Blind Ch3mistry, Nungambakkam, Chennai Continental Restaurant

Restaurant Name: Blind Ch3mistry, Nungambakkam, Chennai
Phone: 080 49652543
Address: Old 11, New 19, 1st Floor, Brindhavan Apartment, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Time: 12 Noon – 2:00 AM
Meals for two: Rs. 700
Cuisines: Continental, Italian, Desserts
Facilities: Home Delivery, Desserts and Bakes, Indoor Seating, Table reservation required, Free Wifi

Blind Ch3mistry, Nungambakkam, Chennai: Decor

A metal stairway leads to the first floor of the KNK Road outlet of Blind Ch3mistry, which has a total of five outlets, with plans to open more. I’m told each outlet has a different theme. This one has ‘swinging’ decor. Hammocks, swings, wooden and metal tables, colorful cushion-covered benches, high and low seating… ‘young’ vibrant and appealing.

Three different colored lines on the grey floor lead to different areas in the restaurant. One of them points to the Talent Hub an area for guests to shoot their Tik-Tok videos. Or plain Instagram pics. There’s a clock behind the counter, with no hands. It says, bold and clear, ‘time does not exist here’.

Blind Ch3mistry, Nungambakkam, Chennai: Food

The menu itself is interesting. There’s something known as the Blind Series of milkshakes. The basic ingredient is milk, and the basic flavor is vanilla, but it is the additional flavors that they play around with that make it unique. Every 14th day, the flavors change, and if a guest orders this, and guesses at least one ‘secret’ ingredient, the milkshake is free. Easypeasy? Go ahead, guess away. The trick is to think of the most offbeat flavors you can imagine that could possibly be in your shake.

I like my perfectly sweetened white milkshake with its two added flavors, but I’m not about to reveal the secret. The place has many such games one could play, to draw you in instead of ordering out, including board games with friends.

Their central kitchen is where most of the food is made. Finishing touches are added at the outlet level. Then, they have the various combinations to choose from and customize the food to your taste.

It is time to choose the toppings for my potato fries. I decide on the peri peri seasoning, chipotle sauce and cheddar cheese topping. I’m happy to report they go well together, and I’m quite relieved I made the right choice.

Next, I go for Chicken Mozzarella with Garlic Rice. I could, if I wanted, go for the Ghee Rice option, but I thought chicken and garlic would make a better combination. The chicken breast is nicely done, but the chunks of mozzarella are cold and so is the rice. More warmth would have made the whole dish taste so much better.

My dessert is the Chocolate Paani Poori. The puffed, crunchy pooris are dripping with chocolate sauce, have some cake inside and sit on shot glasses filled with milkshake. You cannot eat this without making a mess, so simply go for it…. enjoy the crunch, the gooey chocolate and milkshake.

Plus & Minus:

Blind Ch3mistry has the concept right. A little more attention to what goes out on the platter will make a difference.

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