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Chennai Multi-cuisine Restaurant: Based On A True Story (BOATS), Besant Nagar

Chennai Multi-cuisine Restaurant: Based On A True Story (BOATS), Besant Nagar

Address: 17, 5th Ave, Besant Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600090
Phone: 044 30853962
Timing: 11 AM to 11 PM
Meals for Two: Rs. 1,000
Cuisine: Continental, Chinese, North Indian, Asian
Highlights: Full Bar Available, Nightlife, Serves Cocktails, Restricted Entry, Wifi, Live Sports Screening, Live Music, Free Parking, Above 18 Only, Drinking Age Applicable, Smoking Area

Based On A True Story (BOATS), Besant Nagar, Chennai

Food Quality - 65%
Service - 70%
Ambiance - 65%
Accessibility - 80%
Value For Money - 65%


So... So...

BOATS, a brand new beach resto bar is one of the most wanted addition to the stretch of restaurants near Besant Nagar beach. It screams youth, mysterious and fun all at the same time.

User Rating: 3.8 ( 1 votes)


The name BOATS is an acronym for Based On A True Story. At the far end of Elliot Beach, this first floor pub has dark interiors with black walls. In fact, the touches of gold and hints of colour look better against black; more noticeable. Everything reflects the name, the theme, and it shows. Walls have framed posters from movies based on true stories. And, in case I am in doubt about where I’ve landed, all I need to do is look at the main bar, where colorful pencils have been arranged to say, BASED ON A TRUE STORY.


My food journey begins with the Bell Pepper Crostini. Cheesy, soft in the middle, crisp at the edges, and full of bell pepper flavours… This is the kind of crostini I like biting into. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. Since I’m by the bay, I feel the need to try Ocean’s Basket – a mix of interesting stuff. Calamari, large prawns, Mahimahi, white anchovies (Nethili in Tamil) which have a touch of South India dusted on their crispness. I could make a meal of this seafood, but realise there’s more to be tried. Hints of crisp from the browned parts of the Malai Broccoli make me throw all my broccoli misgivings to the wind. For here, smothered in cream and cheese, and baked to crisp gold with a whisper of cardamom, this green floweret tastes quite charming. Chef Marimuthu brings out Refried Beans Galettes on a bed of shredded Chinese cabbage, tang-ed up and spiced with jalapeno. The disintegrating pattie, bland by itself, needs the support of the salsa that comes along. I like the sweet potato crisps. They bring a welcome crunch without allowing the frying to take away from their distinctness. My dessert, Creme Brulee, is actually creamy baked yoghurt with a hardened browned caramel crunch, sweetened with restraint.


Since it’s at the end of the beach, the terrace of this place (that doubles up as the smoking area) offers a sweeping view of the vast blueness that is the Bay of Bengal. Sometimes, when the sea refuses to rustle up a breeze, I’d rather be indoors…

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