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Bombay Brasserie, Koregaon Park, Pune North Indian Restaurant

Bombay Brasserie, Koregaon Park, Pune North Indian Restaurant

Phone: +91 7030844776 / 020 67040214
Address: Nitesh Hub Mall, 37/4/2, North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune
Time: 12 Noon to 3:30 PM – 7 PM to 10:30 PM
Meals for two: Rs. 1,200
Cuisines: North Indian
Facilities: Home Delivery

If you think Nitesh Hub in Koregaon Park doesn’t have any decent eating options, the newest restaurant in the mall will change your mind.

Bombay Brasserie, Koregaon Park, Pune: DECOR

The glass facade ensures that the default light setting here is bright. Smartly decorated, there are quirky and colorful elements at play. The restaurant manages to strike a good balance of whimsical and inviting without veering into the gimmicky territory. The wooden-polished chairs and tables are comfortable.

Bombay Brasserie, Koregaon Park, Pune: FOOD

The decor might be modern, but the flavors are all desi. Say like the Kulukki Sharbat a specialty from Kerala made with ginger soda, pepper and pieces of pineapple, it is refreshing. While the ginger-based drink impressed, their Chai Sharbat was just a lemon iced tea. Onto the food. If you’re a fan of mustard, especially the piquant kasundi from West Bengal, the Calcutta Club Fish Fry won’t disappoint. A chunky fillet of rawas crumb-fried and served with a kasundi and an interest ing spicy pineapple salsa – this dish was an instant favorite.

The Aam Papad Paneer, chunks of paneer so soft that it would fall apart on the slightest nudge, was marred by the sweetness of the aam papad sauce. Less sauce in the mix, and this dish would have had us singing a different note. Don’t get intimidated by Naga Ghost Pepper Wings. While the dish claimed to be flavoured with bhoot jholokia – the well-cooked wings, unfortunately, wouldn’t get any Scoville heat unit enthusiasts excited. The heat on this one can be compared to that of a regular tandoori chicken. They also offer full meals, like the Chatka Chhole Kulchey. Different from its Amritsari counterpart, the green masala chole served with aloo kulcha is a satisfying meal. Next up was the Mario’s Prawn Curry with Coconut Rice. The rice cooked in coconut milk and curry leaves is absolutely delicious, but that couldn’t be said about the Prawn Curry. The prawn ambotik curry was neither sour nor spicy -what it was instead, was sweet. The Rajasthani Dhungar Maas with really well cooked lamb lacked the smoky flavor or the robustness the dish promised. The Amritsari Kulfa – a richer take of falooda with kulfi, rabdi and phirni was absolutely on point. Not overtly sweet, order this dessert without thinking twice. The Bombay Ice Cream Sandwich, comprised slabs of ice creams sandwiched between soggy biscuits. It didn’t help that we found a piece of plastic sheet in one of our bites.

Bombay Brasserie, Koregaon Park, Pune: PLUS AND MINUS

The ambience is stunning. The food, though served beautifully, can be better.

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