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Brew Room, Anna Nagar West, Chennai

Brew Room, Anna Nagar West, Chennai

Restaurant Name: The Brew Room, Anna Nagar West, Chennai Restaurant
Phone: +91 9710999119
Address: VR Chennai, Anna Nagar West, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Time: 8 AM – 11 PM
Meals for two: Rs. 1,100
Cuisines: Cafe, Continental, Italian, Sandwich, Salad, Desserts
Facilities: Breakfast, Wheelchair Accessible, Desserts and Bakes, Indoor Seating, Wifi

Brew Room, Anna Nagar West, Chennai: Decor

An escalator ride followed by a long walk leads me to an angular space of the mall that The Brew Room occupies. Quite different from the first one, this outlet is smaller, more compact, although it does share an identifiable similarity. I decide to occupy a comfortable sofa, with a backrest and cushioning. The interior designer has added signature touches and visual reminders of the outdoors – a white fence, artificial grass and garden seating.

Brew Room, Anna Nagar West, Chennai: Food

Sitting in my comfortable pink sofa, I see the menu offers me breakfast all day, and I promptly order the turmeric latte, which has a pinch of turmeric added to the espresso shot with 30ml milk. Different, nice, warm. I enjoy the thin, sweet, crisp cat’s tongue cookie that comes along. It goes by the French name Langues de Chat, a name that lingers on my mind, as I try to pronounce it right. Thankfully, nobody’s listening.

I like that the mushroom bruschetta comes on a fresh baked and toasted slices of crisp baguette. It is alive with the flavors of freshly sauteed garlic, parmesan cheese, and mushroom: all three added in the right proportion along with cream. End result: very enjoyable complete bites of bruschetta.

Wondering how the chickpeas with kidney beans burger would taste, I take the plunge, and find that the pan-fried patty, bound together with mashed potato and the two different beans goes well with the tofu and sriracha sauce, completely made in-house by the chefs.

Mighty, impressive are the only two words I can think of when I see this big, fluffy, creamish cloud wobbling on the plate as it comes my way. Made of four eggs, it is called the souffle omelette, has three cheeses, and is enough for a family looking for a small meal or a large snack.The best part is that this cloud does not float away, and takes its lightness quite seriously. I like it better with the tomato relish that comes along.

To drink, I sip slowly on my healthy spinach smoothie balanced with the natural sweetness of almond milk and home-made peanut butter.

Finally, the carrot cake. For me, it is the comfort dessert that I simply must have when I go to The Brew Room. Topped with cream cheese and halved walnuts, it is moist and has squishy raisins inside.

Plus & Minus

There’s only good news. The place has vegan options available for food and for desserts. Their coffees are legendary, and are brewed using eight different ecologically certified international methods. I’m pleased at the way the entire food and beverage industry in the city are contributing to sustainability.

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