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Fromage, MRC Nagar, Chennai Continental Restaurant

Fromage, MRC Nagar, Chennai Continental Restaurant

Phone: 044 30853673
Address: Somerset Greenway, Lords Avenue, MRC Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Time: 12 Noon to 3 PM, 7 PM to 12 Midnight
Meals for two: Rs. 1,500
Cuisines: Continental, Italian, French, European
Facilities: Full Bar Available

Fromage, MRC Nagar, Chennai: DECOR

I could well be in the Mediterranean, I think as I see Fromage’s blue, white and yellow colour palette. Maybe in Nice, I think as I smell the cheese before I see two large Spico wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano (purely vegetarian) decorating the counter. The only thing missing is the azure ocean view.

Even the flooring is pretty, with its motif tiles.

At the far end, a mirror-paneled wall gives the place an illusion of depth. Bright and pretty, small and cosy.

Fromage, MRC Nagar, Chennai: FOOD

Asparagus spinach and walnut soup begins my meal. That soup needs to be piqued a bit, as both the main ingredients are bland, and not particularly meant for the Indian palate.

As if making up for the soup’s blandness, the bacon wrapped shrimp is salty, fatty and succulent. The happy news: it is grilled, which means the shrimp is cooked in the bacon’s fat.

Not a great fan of chicken breast, I find the cajun chicken’s spice does not permeate into the slightly tough chicken, whereas the hot garlic chicken wings are succulent — though deep-fried — and the sweetish, garlic flavours blend very well.

Little fragments of pine nuts make the soft pesto paneer interesting and very different from the usual paneer-tikka types.

Clearly the winner in the vegetarian category at Fromage is the corn spinach and . It’s got the crunch, corn and cheese.

Going further down the cheese path, I dig into the mushroom and gruyere crepe. Thin enough to be there and strong enough to hold the mushroom and cheese together, this is a delicious marriage between mushroom and cheese.

Boozy chocolate? What on earth is that? A first from Cocoatrait, it is pure spirits and pure chocolate. That’s what. A single sheet menu shows me five different shot options, each one differently chocolatey. My vote goes to the Mexican shot-out, which has a blend of Indian cocoa beans, tequila and some spices. The way to enjoy your boozy chocolate shot is to sip it slowly instead of using a spoon or downing it like a tequila shot.

Fromage, MRC Nagar, Chennai: PLUS AND MINUS

Every table has a charging socket, which is a blessing for the always-connected generation. Food needs some fine-tuning.

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