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K3 - JW Marriott New Delhi, Aerocity, New Delhi Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

K3 – JW Marriott New Delhi, Aerocity, New Delhi Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

Phone: 011 33107567
Address: J W Marriott Hotel, Aerocity, Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, Delhi 110037 India
Time: 24 Hours
Meals for two: Rs. 3,500
Cuisines: North Indian, Chinese, Italian
Facilities: Wheelchair Accessible, Full Bar Available, Valet Parking Available, Brunch, 4/5 Star, Luxury Dining, Buffet

K3 – JW Marriott New Delhi, Aerocity, New Delhi: Decor

K3 is saved from being a vast hangar-like space by the concept. Each kitchen operates like a specialty restaurant with seating in the immediate vicinity. The buffet spread too, is arranged such that the Italian kitchen has the Italian antipasti around it, the kebabs near the Indian kitchen and so on. The only time that they coalesce is when a table of six can order a mix and match assortment of Chinese, Indian and Italian items on a single table. Otherwise, you can treat each section as if you were in a restaurant serving just that cuisine. Because the staff has been around for a few years now, they know the drill, otherwise, the sheer size and the floor plan of K3 is enough to confuse a first-time diner or staff member.

K3 – JW Marriott New Delhi, Aerocity, New Delhi: Food

You can elect to have a soup and a pizza or the whole nine yards, like I did. You can order off the menu and Chef Alessio Banchero will ask you for your preference and come up with an equivalent of something that is on the menu, so that the price is never a ghastly surprise. I did not want the cream of mushroom soup which I have had over and over again, so I was given cream of asparagus soup (Rs. 550) with five minutes’ notice. No thickener, just a light vegetable stock and the grassy appeal of the asparagus. Burrata with pesto and roasted vegetables (Rs. 950) was delightful because of the freshness of the burrata more than the chewiness of the button mushrooms or the over-saltiness of the pesto. Ditto for the pasta course: spinach and ricotta ravioli (Rs. 1,100) was the approximate equivalent of agnolotti pasta on the menu. Sadly, because of the butter and the cheese, there was so much salt in the otherwise delicate sauce as to make it inedible. Secondo piatto was an excellent grilled seabass with asparagus and puttanesca sauce (Rs. 1450). The tomatoes and capers and the fish itself kept their flavors by virtue of having been grilled in an aluminium foil pouch and the fish was moist and flavorful. Of particular note was the schiacciatta that was served along with the soup. This version, (there are many, graded by thickness) was as thin as paper.

K3 – JW Marriott New Delhi, Aerocity, New Delhi: Plus and Minus

Never will the excellent servers miss an order or mix them up; on the minus side, it is unfortunate to be given an over-salty dish.

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