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The KNK Project, Nungambakkam, Chennai

The KNK Project, Nungambakkam, Chennai Indian Restaurant

Restaurant Name: The KNK Project, Nungambakkam, Chennai
Phone: 044 43594108
Address: 33, Ground Floor, Rutland Tower, Shafee Mohammed Road, Thousand Lights West, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Time: 11:30 AM – 3:30 PM, 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Meals for two: Rs. 1,000
Cuisines: North Indian, South Indian
Facilities: Home Delivery, Indoor Seating

The KNK Project, Nungambakkam, Chennai: Decor

Many restaurants have come and gone at this very location. The latest one, interestingly, did not have a name. As the file grew, location and recipes got finalized; staff was employed, but the name still evaded them. Since the file was called The KNK Project, the restaurant got christened by the same name.

Printed tiles make the floor. Metal backed chairs and wooden benches make the seating. Solid and plain, the wooden tables are large enough to hold a lot of food. Line drawing murals take over one wall. Another has a colorful door. Otherwise antique-looking patched walls, with stacks of old newspapers form the rest of the plain decor.

I like the Bollywood retro music playing softly in the background. One favorite song after another urges me to linger longer. Eat more of the food, that has recipes garnered and sifted through from home chefs, of predominantly Indian cuisine with twists that only families create. On the menu are complete meals. Chicken Meal, Bengali Plate, etc.

The KNK Project, Nungambakkam, Chennai: Food

I read through the interesting menu as I sip on freshly crushed Sugarcane Juice with the mandatory lime and ginger. Refreshing.

The Sago Vada takes me straight to Bombay and the restaurants that served it back when… but with a difference. I talked about that twist, remember? This one has blue cheese talichathu and is accompanied by shredded, dehydrated and fried beetroot. The Tomato Jam adds a sweet touch. I find it interesting how Chef Navin has made a new dip with two strong elements – blue cheese and curry leaves in the talichathu. Surprisingly, they go well with the sticky texture of the sago beads and mashed potato vada.

This Kane Fry with beach manga, has sprinkles of salt and chilli powder, takes me right back to the Tenga Manga Pattani Kadlai chant on the streets of my childhood. The Kane fish is the twist, though. Whole, the small fish is coated with rice flour masala and deep fried. It must be eaten carefully. All the tiny bones need to be hand-picked out of the mouth. I suggest you eat it all, along with the sago crisp and tomato thokku using your fingers. There can be no greater joy, nor a better method.

Strong and smoky, the Smoked Chicken comes with a thick, rich gravy and very mild, almost Mughlai flavors. I opt to eat it with roti, which turns out to be a good idea, as I can slop up the curry along with pieces of succulent chicken quite easily.

Both meat and murungai mingle well in the Kari Murungai Korma. Meat remains on the bone, so you’ve got to mix the Korma with your rice, and eat with your hands. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to enjoy the marrow. After all this, I decide to skip dessert — mainly payasam of the day — and have a goli soda instead, hoping to settle my stomach after a very satisfying meal.

Plus & Minus:

The KNK Project definitely makes interesting food, presents it well, and offers guests meal options. Some tweaking here and there is needed. I like that their focus is on good food, served attractively, rather than expensive interiors.

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