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Cayman Island, British Overseas Territory - Travel Facts

Cayman Island, British Overseas Territory Travel Facts

A popular tourist destination in the Caribbean Sea is Cayman Island, comprising 3 isles, namely – Grand Cayman, Cayman Bark and Little Cayman. It is a part of the British Overseas Territory, with its capital at George Town. Of late Cayman Island has become extremely popular as a business and financial haven because of its many tax friendly policies and duty free shops. However not to miss the other aspect of this island’s life, we take you on a tour of the beautiful tourist attractions of the place.


Here are most popular attractions

Stingray City

Stingray City also located in the Grand Cayman Island is a unique place to be in, especially for children and nature lovers. Here you can have the unusual experience of holding, feeding and playing with friendly Sting ray fish, which is very typical of these transparent, South Atlantic waters. The local mariners will help you in the effort and also regale you with many interesting facts and stories about them.

Mastic Trail

Mastic Trail also in the Grand Cayman is organized by the Cayman Islands National Trust. It starts from just outside the capital city of George Town. Nature Lovers can spend two to three hours on this trail, which will take them through mangroves, marshes and forest area which is supposed to be about a million years old. In between you can soak in on the local flora and fauna, famous among which is the indigenous blue iguana.

Submarine Tours

The natural underwater beauty of the Cayman Islands can be enjoyed, from the comfort of a submarine. This includes the beautiful coral reefs, and amazing marine life. Services are provided by Submarines by the name of Atlantis, SeaWorld Explorer, Cayman Submarines, and Nautilus etc. They range from two seater capacities to sixty seater ones, and take you up to a depth of sixty feet.

Camana Bay

Camana Bay is another place which is perfect for the walker in you. Specially built in a modern style, the place has a number of shops, residences as well as fine dining options. The place is so designed, that wherever you stand, you get a view of the sea, and there are areas where the breeze from the sea is captured, to create an extremely pleasant atmosphere. Many beautiful fountains, something in the style of Las Vegas, have also been constructed here. All in all, this place gives an extremely beautiful experience to the visitor.

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach located in Grand Cayman, is an internationally renowned beach, especially for its pristine blue, transparent water and white sand which looks like powdered sugar. It has won the title of the best Caribbean Beach many times. As the name suggests, it has 7 miles of unscarred crescent shaped beach, where you can laze around to get a wonderful tan, go walking on the beach, or go snorkeling, and scuba diving or for a host of other adventure sports. The best resorts are located on this beach, along with other facilities like restrooms, showers, restaurants etc.

George Town

George Town, the downtown area is 10 miles from the main capital city. It has a continuous waterfront. This area is a must visit, for all the duty free shops that it has to offer. You can go there for shopping to your heart’s content and then dine at the number of restaurants located here. There are some super luxury restaurants, as well as some places where you get a taste of Jamaican cuisine, as the island’s geographical and cultural identity is intricately woven with Jamaica.

Rum Point

Rum Point, located in the quieter part of Grand Cayman, known as the North Side, gives you the perfect peek into life on Cayman Island in yester years. Here you can enjoy the local rum, authentic local cuisine which is often served very informally, on picnic tables, while enjoying the beauty of the still waters and pine trees around

Boatswain’s Beach

Boatswain’s Beach is the new name for the very old and famous Turtle Farm located in Grand Cayman. The place has also become famous for the unique conservation programme that it has for these turtles. Boatswain’s Beach also offers you an aviary, a butterfly farm, iguana sanctuary, a nature’s trail, restaurants, eateries and local arts and crafts to choose from.

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