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Chiang Mai, Thailand Travel Facts

Chiang Mai, Thailand Travel Facts

Located in northern Thailand and around 700 km from the capital Bangkok, Chaing Mai is popular within the tourists as a travel destination, offering leisure as well adventure activities. Chaing Mai comes with a historically and culturally rich heritage of 700 years, visible on the fascinating temples, ancient ruins and in the lives of people of Chaing Mai. It’s a perfect place for everyone that offers brochures of attractions suiting different versions of holidays. The vast majority of temples, natural beauties like waterfalls, national parks, historic sites, exotic market places are on offer promising to mesmerize you and make your holiday a lifetime memorable experience.

Here are the most popular attractions

Wat Chiang Man

This is the oldest temple of Chiang Mai, located in the center of the old city of Chiang Mai dating back to 1296. It is considered as one of most popular and significant sites of Thailand, historically. The temple has two ancient Buddha images, each one of them, almost 2000 years old. A classic example of ancient Asian architecture, Wat Chiang Man provides many valuable insights about the Buddha’s influence on Thai culture.

Chiang Mai Zoo

Chiang Mai Zoo is one of those must-visit places if you are on vacation with your family. It’s spread out over a huge area in a sprawling lush green forest at the base of Doi Suithep. The attraction here includes different varieties of wild life, from all over the world, in their natural habitat ranging from panda to penguins, bears to aquatic animals. There is also a tram and monorail service since this Zoo is setup over a huge area in hilly region.

Wat Chedi Luang

Dating back to as early as 1441, this temple is the finest example of architectural superiority of Lanna capital. The much revered Emerald Buddha, which can be seen in Grand Palace in Bangkok, is considered to spend a brief period of his life time here during his spiritual expeditions. In 16th century, one of the Pagodas fell to the half of its height due to an earthquake. The partially renovated Wat Chedi Luang is known as the tallest attraction of the city till date and remains the main attraction of Chiang Mai.

Mae Sa Elephant Training Centre

An hour’s drive from the Mae Sa Valley, the Elephant training center offers many activities with elephants including Bamboo rafting with elephants, elephant shows where they show off their skills to paint, play musical instruments and do humorous and funny stunts. It is one of best attractions of Chiang Mai or specifically Thailand. If you are going on a holiday with kids, head to this place!

Royal Flora Grounds

Located in the Royal Agricultural Research Center, outside the Chiang Mai City, the Royal Flora grounds was developed in 2006-07 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the king to the throne and to highlight the king’s interest in the natural beauty. The park is spread out in sprawling 80 hectare areas which offers permanent exhibitions related to flowers and plants. The park is open during the day time and is famous among locals for taking leisure walks.

Chiang Mai National Museum

At national museum of Chiang Mai, you can witness the art, culture, Buddhism, wars and weapons used, all at once compiled at one place. It is situated next to Wat Jet Yot and built in Thai school of architecture style with some influence from the Lanna architecture. It was built with the aim of saving cultural and artistic heritage of Northern Thailand and to showcase it to the world.

Wat Prathat Doi Suithep

Dating back to 14th century, Wat Prathat Doi Suithep is one of the most important sites, religiously, for the Thai people. It is located on the mountains offering spectacular views of city underneath it. The road to the temple passes through the amazing waterfalls and the lush green areas is surely impressive. The 300 steps to get to the temple lead you to beautiful gilded Chedi and distinctively made marble flooring. The fascinating architecture promises to spell bound you to its beauty and leave you mesmerized. A meditation centre also accompanies the temple, which is must according to the Thai culture.

Phuping Palace and National Park

This is one-stop place for all the nature lovers whose holiday centers on savoring the natural beauty. Located on the mountain near Chiang Mai, this site boasts of numerous exotic species of flowers which attract thousands of tourists every year. The site is closed for tourists from December to early February as it host the Royal family and serves as their winter residence.

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