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Kaimanawa Forest Park, Tongariro and Taupo Regions, New Zealand

Kaimanawa Forest Park, Tongariro and Taupo Regions, New Zealand

User reviewed online profile of Kaimanawa Forest Park: Tongariro and Taupo regions, New Zealand. Plan your adventure holiday to Kaimanawa Forest Park armed with information and reviews provided by experts and by users. Find out about when to go, how to get there, what to do, best season to visit, its wildlife, habitat and much more…

What to do in Kaimanawa Forest Park:

Wild Life: Sika Deer, Red Deer, Wild Horse, Pigeon, Fantail, Bellbird, Rifleman, Robin, Grey Warbler, Tomtit, Whitehead, Kakariki, Blue Duck, New Zealand Falcon, Pipit, Tui, Morepork, Fernbird, Kaka, Black Shag, Pied Shag, Long-tailed Cuckoo and Kiwi
Adventure: Canoeing, Rafting, Hunting, Overnight Trekking, Tramping, Trout Fishing, Swimming, Picnicking, Camping, Mountain Biking, Walking

Where is Kaimanawa Forest Park:

Region: Located at southeast of Lake Taupo, and extends over Kaimanawa mountain ranges separated by the headwater valleys of several major North Island rivers.
Location: Taupo district, Tongariro and Taupo regions, New Zealand

When & how to get to Kaimanawa Forest Park:

Best Time to Visit: to
Getting There: The northern access to the park is via Taharua Road off the Napier-Taupo Road (S.H.5) and the western access is via three Hydro Access Roads off the Desert Road (S.H.1) south of Turangi.
Nearest Town: Taupo
Nearest Airport:
Nearest Railway Station:

Where to stay (Lodges / Guest Houses / Camps / Resorts / Hotels):

Accommodation: The DOC (Department of Conservation) maintains four huts to stay inside the park.

Add a hotel: If you know of a hotel, resort, guest house or camp please add it here. If you own or manage a hotel or resort you can add it to the database for ‘Free’.

Climate & Weather conditions in Kaimanawa Forest Park:

Temp: c to c
Rainfall: 3500 cm
Altitude: m

Other details about Kaimanawa Forest Park:

Established: 1969
Area: 773 sq km
Language: English and Maori

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