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Nelson Lakes National Park, Nelson Region, New Zealand

Nelson Lakes National Park, Nelson Region, New Zealand

Nelson Lakes National Park is located in the South Island of New Zealand.

It was formed in 1956 and covers some 1,020 square kilometres (390 sq mi). It is centered at two large lakes, Rotoiti and Rotoroa. The park also includes surrounding valleys (including Travers, Sabine, and D’Urville, upper reaches of the Matakitaki) and mountain ranges (Saint Arnaud Range, Mount Robert). The park is a popular area for camping, tramping and fishing.

The park is administered by the Department of Conservation who operate a Visitors Centre in Saint Arnaud that provides up to date and reliable information on all aspects of the National Park.

The main access point to Nelson Lakes National Park is at Lake Rotoiti and the village of Saint Arnaud, on Highway 63, about 100 kilometres from both Nelson and Blenheim. A secondary access point is at Lake Rotoroa, turning off New Zealand State Highway 6 at Gowanbridge. Shuttle services operate between St Arnaud, Nelson, Blenheim and Picton.

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What to do in Nelson Lakes National Park:

Wild Life: Red Deer, Chamois, Hare, Rat, Mouse, Opossum, Stoat, Pig, Robin, Rifleman, Silvereye, Grey Warbler, Tui, Bellbird, Kaka, Parakeet, Harrier, New Zealand Falcon, Morepork, Rock Wren, Kea, Pipit, Paradise Shelduck, Native Grey Duck, Endangered Blue Duck, Shag, Heron, Gull, Kingfisher, Pied Oystercatcher, Pied Stilt, Banded Dotterel, Spur-winged Plover, Native Wasp, Spider, Moth, Butterfly, Weevil, Weta, Mountain Beech Moth Caterpillar, Beetle, Grasshopper, Native Eel, Galaxiid Fish
Adventure: Boating, Fishing, Mountain Biking, Scenic Flights, Snow Sports, Mountaineering, Tramping,
Climbing, Camping, Rafting, Horse-trekking, Walking

Where is Nelson Lakes National Park:

Region: Situated in northernmost ranges of the Southern Alps.
Location: Nelson district, Nelson region, New Zealand

When & how to get to Nelson Lakes National Park:

Best Time to Visit: 01-Nov to 31-Jan
Getting There: The gateway to the park is St. Arnaud, a picturesque village just 1.5 hours drive from Nelson or Blenheim. St. Arnaud and Lake Rotoiti are accessed by State Highway 63 from Blenheim. A side road, about half way between St. Arnaud and Murchison leads to Lake Rotoroa. Bus services to St. Arnaud operate on an irregular basis. Water taxis operate on both lakes. Several companies offer on-demand transport to Rotoroa from St. Arnaud and Nelson.
Nearest Town: St Arnaud
Nearest Airport: Blenheim
Nearest Railway Station: Blenheim

Where to stay (Lodges / Guest Houses / Camps / Resorts / Hotels):

Accommodation: There are a number of backcountry huts in the park linked by an excellent network of tracks. There are two camping grounds at St Arnaud as well as motels and lodges. It is also possible to rent holiday cottages. At Lake Rotoroa there is a tourist lodge and a basic camping ground.

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Climate & Weather conditions in Nelson Lakes National Park:

Temp: 10 c to 30 c
Rainfall: 2500 cm
Altitude: 2100 m

Other details about Nelson Lakes National Park:

Established: 1956
Area: 1,020 sq km
Language: English and Maori

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