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Burma Burma, Indiranagar, Bangalore Burmese Restaurant

Burma Burma, Indiranagar, Bangalore Burmese Restaurant

Phone: +91 8043008120, +91 8043008130
Address: 607, Ground Floor, 12th Main, Hal 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore, Karnataka India
Time: 12 Noon to 3:30 PM, 7 PM to 11 PM
Meals for two: Rs. 00
Cuisines: Asian, Burmese
Facilities: Vegetarian Only, No Alcohol Available, Free Wifi, Wifi, Vegan Options, Kid Friendly, Private Dining Area Available, Gluten Free Options, Serves Jain Food

Burma Burma, Indiranagar, Bangalore Burmese Restaurant: Decor

Its popularity in Mumbai and Delhi preceded Burma Burma’s arrival in Bengaluru and it has been received with similar enthusiasm here. I went for dinner on a Sunday night and found the 85-seater restaurant full. They weren’t taking bookings and we were told the wait for a table might be too long. Bar stools were available, the hostess said, and we jumped at the offer. So, I dined looking at the bartenders pouring bubble tea there’s no alcohol — and rows of lacquer dolls on the shelves above. Behind me, the place was abuzz with diners occupying tables packed quite tightly together and bathed in the mellow glow of large, ornate lamps.

Burma Burma, Indiranagar, Bangalore Burmese Restaurant: Food

Burma Burma is heaven for vegetarians. Here’s a place they don’t have to pore over the menu, looking for green-dotted dishes. And, yay, it’s an “exotic” cuisine, too. This, I gather, is its main attraction and the reason why it’s such a crowd-puller.

I began with the talked-about Samosa Soup, a tart broth with bits of samosa broken into it, plus crunchy bits like black channa. It was a drizzly evening and this was a pleasing, warming bowl. My companion — pure vegetarian and therefore overjoyed to be dining here — and I shared the Tea Leaf Salad, another signature, and though I liked the unusual flavour and slight acridity of the tealeaves, I wished for crisper greens. The fried lotus stem which comes in a large portion was crisp and spicy and the Rice Dumpling reminded me of kuzhipaniyaram — this one comes topped with a medley of shredded vegetables.

For main course, it had to be the Khow Suey. I’d never eaten a meatless version and was all admiration for the manner in which they’d infused it with flavor. The condiments — fried onions, garlic, crushed peanuts, roasted chilli paste, lime slices — are served in a cupcake tray and lift up this comforting bowl. I tasted also the Sticky Rice Stuffed with Spinach and Tofu. This comes as little parcels wrapped in banana leaf and is both satisfying and delicious.

Burma Burma has a line-up of chocolate desserts, but chocolate bombs have fast become the burrata of the dessert world and fatigue has set in; I chose to wrap up the meal with the Tagu Pyi An, a firm coconut custard topped with sago pearls and jaggery.

Burma Burma, Indiranagar, Bangalore Burmese Restaurant: Service

Service is efficient, even overly so. Our dishes came too quickly and I had a sense of being rushed. If they arrive at a more even pace, it would allow for leisurely eating..

Burma Burma, Indiranagar, Bangalore Burmese Restaurant: Plus & Minus

Burma Burma fills a gap in the eating out scene, focusing on vegetarians and offering them an uncommon cuisine. They are, evidently, a large number and you’ll find yourself waiting for a table.

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