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Eden Gardens, Kharadi, Pune Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

Eden Gardens, Kharadi, Pune Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

Phone: +91 7420059177 / +91 7003516331
Address: Gracia Building Eoi IT Park Road, 14, EON Free Zone, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411014 India
Time: 12:30 – 10:30 PM
Meals for two: Rs. 500
Cuisines: Bengali, Chinese, North Indian
Facilities: Home Delivery, No Alcohol Available

Fairly new to the scene, this six-month-old restaurant serves delectable Bengali fare that makes it worth a trek to Kharadi.

Eden Gardens, Kharadi, Pune: DECOR

The traditional green arched doorway (brought from an ancestral home in Kolkata) and the name of the restaurant are visible indicators that the City of joy has a major role to play here. A compact space with artificial grass flooring (a hat-tip to the iconic cricket ground), music that alternates between indie and Bengali numbers and an entire wall dedicated to beautiful murals, it’s easy to feel comfortable here.

Eden Gardens, Kharadi, Pune: FOOD

A quick browse through the menu, and you’d think that this is just another multi-cuisine restaurant with its North Indian, tandoor and Indo-Chinese offerings. But look closely, and you’ll spot sections bursting with Bengali specialties. And that’s where you should divert your attention to.

The fish kobiraji is worth snacking on. A piece of marinated bhetki wrapped around a lacy net of eggwash served with kasundi. Oily, yes; but also absolutely lip-smacking and as my Bengali co-diner opined, the quickest way to be transported to the alleys of Kolkata selling this popular snack.

If you’re looking for something more substantial and want to start the meal the way Bengalis do—with something bitter—order the shukto. Made with bitter gourd and other seasonal vegetables, the slightly bitter and scarcely spiced dish here is a burst of flavors. Best paired with a steaming bowl of rice and a piece of Illish maash bhaja (hilsa, which is only available seasonally) that’s fried until the skin is crackling crisp. Follow it up with a delicious mutton kosha, lean chunks of goat meat in a velvety onion gravy. The dhokar dalna, lentil cakes made with chana dal and doused in a tomato gravy is interesting but the over-usage of garam masala dims its sheen. Do order a portion of peas kachori if you want something more than luchis. Stuffed with peas mash, it’s great to mop up the gravies with or have as is. If you want a taste of most of the fare, they also have vegetarian and non-vegetarian thalis. It would have been better if they could up their dessert game. Our gurer payesh, though not bad on any counts, wasn’t anywhere close to the appetizers and mains.

Eden Gardens, Kharadi, Pune: PLUS AND MINUS

A really good and super affordable option in the city for Bengali fare. The service is slow; you’ll have to wait a bit for the food.

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