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Koox, Nandanam, Chennai Rooftop Asian Grill Restaurant

Koox, Nandanam, Chennai Rooftop Asian Grill Restaurant

Restaurant Name: Koox, Nandanam, Chennai
Phone: 044 66205742
Address: 11, Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar Rd, Rathna Nagar, Nandanam, Chennai 600035 Tamil Nadu India
Time: 12 Noon – 3:00 PM, 6:00 PM – 12 Midnight
Meals for two: Rs. 3,000
Cuisines: Sushi, Bar Food, Beverages
Facilities: Full Bar Available, Nightlife, Indoor Seating, Smoking Area, Valet Parking Available, Outdoor Seating

Koox, Nandanam, Chennai: Decor

Rumor has it that the chefs at Koox have worked long and hard at finalizing the menu, which initially consisted of 260 contenders. Only 65 made it to the main menu, while the others, I guess, have been put in files for future menu updates.

Going into Koox is a whole new experience. First, there is the drama of an azure pool, then al fresco openness, leading into the enclosed space that is filled with a golden glow. I’m led to my table… Those high seats are not for me, still, left with no choice – the place is crowded – I opt to sit on one by the window, enjoying the outside from the inside. The live kitchen is in front of me, and the busy bar is behind.

Koox, Nandanam, Chennai: Food

Music changes by the hour, depending on the mood of the guests. While upbeat, it is not really music that one would want to dance to: a fact I notice as I sip on my prosecco-based cocktail with elder flower liqueur blended in along with a few refreshing ingredients, called Bubble Wap. The perfect drink for an evening such as this.

The Sushi Boat sails my way, and in it, I find an assortment of Sushi. My first one, an Avocado and mushroom with a tiny dot of truffle gets better with a dip in the soy and wasabi paste – just a tiny piece of the head numbing wasabi — as a little goes a long way.

On that boat I’m intrigued by the Ninja. This one, with black Assamese rice, tempura prawn, and tuna is quite different. I like that it has retained the crunch of the tempura. The black rice is a little grainy and takes getting used to.

From the Robata grill, I get some Sweet Potato. Marinated in chilli paste and sesame oil before being grilled, it is glazed with teriyaki sauce (yes, that sweet dark flavor-loaded stuff) and is smoky from the grill. That hint of ginger peeping through makes all the difference. Jaggery ginger and sweet potato are very comfortable together.

Equally captivating, the New Zealand Lamb Chops need a special mention. The lamb, while being tender, is also fibrous: something one grows to expect from its milky meat. Again, that Teriyaki does its magic. The sweet potato complement my chops… Different, yet interesting.

Every element included in the dessert is made in-house. Even though quite simple, the Japanese Cotton Cheesecake is soft. Orange zest and Philadelphia cheese make all the difference to this clever one. .

Plus & Minus:

I wonder why anyone would choose to sit in a high-chair, except at a bar. They are particularly difficult to get in and out of. Now that my peeve is out of the way, I cannot help but hope Chef Kalai continues his inspired commitment and keep the food fresh, delicious, different and healthy.

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