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Lord of the Drinks, Nungambakkam, Chennai Restaurant

Lord of the Drinks, Nungambakkam, Chennai Restaurant

Restaurant Name: Lord of the Drinks, Nungambakkam, Chennai
Phone: 044 66949012
Address: 103, 1st Floor, Hotel Belstead, Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Time: 12 Noon – 12 Midnight
Meals for two: Rs. 1,900
Cuisines: Asian, Japanese, Italian, North Indian, Chinese, Continental, European
Facilities: Full Bar Available, Live Sports Screening, Indoor Seating, Table booking recommended, Dance Floor, Nightlife, Outdoor Seating, Rooftop, LGBTQIA Friendly, Smoking Area

Lord of the Drinks, Nungambakkam, Chennai: Decor

Lord Of The Drinks (LOTD) is indeed big. It seats more than 230 people and has a large open space for those who like to smoke with their drinks. Named after the Game of Thrones, the decor is themed around that hugely popular TV series. There simply has to be a throne. And there is. Mainly for selfies, I’m told. I look at the rest of the decor. Studded leather, dark wood, brass and four television screens showing sports. Only sports. The music, though, is different. Foot-tapping (or stomping) hits that have people dancing around their tables. There’s enough space for that, and the seating is completely your choice.

You’ve got to know this. The LOTD Special Chicken is loaded with chillies, whole red ones and powdered: potent indeed. And it is soft. Underlying the fire, I notice ginger and garlic. This one, I’m told, is a favorite with drinks. Naturally. I need a little more than buttermilk to soothe my tongue. But, we, Chennai people, love our spice and this one is good.

Lord of the Drinks, Nungambakkam, Chennai: Food

‘Whatever did restaurants do before Mc-Cain introduced their ready-to-fry potato chips to the chips lovers?’ I’m wondering as I enjoy the very same chips that go by the name of Honey Chilli Potato. Not only do they have both honey and chilli, they also have a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds on top.

My main course has to have the JD Dal Makhani as I’d heard so much about it. JD arrives in a shot glass, gets flamed poured on to my dal and mixed in. The Jack Daniels whiskey does a good job of showing itself to my palate along with the creamy, familiar textures and flavors of the dal.

Then, there’s the Vodka Prawn Biryani. Large, succulent prawns rest on the rice, which has 15ml vodka mixed in during the kadhai heating. Another 15ml gets mixed in after turning off the flame. All that sweltering biryani is accompanied by some cucumber raitha to cool balance it out.

Newly introduced, I try the Caramel Custard, which is not yet on the menu. Needless to say, it doesn’t disappoint. Wobbly, sweet, creamy, smooth and surrounded by brown caramel liquid, it lives up to my expectations.

Plus & Minus:

I like that the bar takes center stage and LOTD has comfortable seating, enough space around tables. The al fresco smoking area is thoughtfully equipped with water fans to help during those hot and humid Chennai-summer months.

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