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Quattro Ristorante, Nungambakkam, Chennai

Quattro Ristorante, Nungambakkam, Chennai

Restaurant Name: Quattro Ristorante
Phone: +914448641655
Address: 17, Ground Floor, Surya Varsh Building, Wallace Garden, 2nd Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Time: 12 Noon – 4 PM, 7 PM – 11 PM
Meals for two: Rs. 2,000
Cuisines: Italian, Mexican, Pizza, Desserts
Facilities: Home Delivery, No Alcohol Available, Table reservation required

Quattro Ristorante, Nungambakkam, Chennai: Decor

Quattro, meaning four in Italian, is focused completely on Italian and Mexican food. Simple, straightforward decor with no extra frills, plain walls, naked bulbs in smart holders make this ristorante stand out because of its minimalist starkness. Happily, for me, the dark brown wood and black seating is comfortable.

Nights must give it a different appeal, with its fancy ceiling – a fact that most restaurants are using to their benefit.

Quattro Ristorante, Nungambakkam, Chennai: Food

For your information, the chunky tomato sauce in their Italian food is imported. From Italy, obviously. Because, the Italians, you see, are very particular about their tomatoes. Meanwhile, the Mexican food has chillies that are natives to that country, whether it’s habanero or chipotle. With that information firmly recorded, I dig into my warm complimentary focaccia that’s made in-house and try all of the dips accompanying it. My favorites are tomatino and habanero. The latter has a distinct taste and aroma that sets it apart and the punch from its spiciness goes straight to the head. This dip uses very little of the chilli, making the flavors subtle and the head hit a mild tap.

Frothy, the aerated mushroom and leek soup is not meant to be hot. But it is warm, thanks to the siphon whipping it undergoes, and white because of the cream. Shiitake and porcini mushrooms bring it to life while the leek comes as an afterthought… oops… aftertaste. If it is the mushroom pieces I’m missing, I don’t have to worry because they are right there at the bottom.

I thoroughly enjoyed the taquitos. Gluten-free tortilla curled like cones, deep-fried to a crisp, are filled to the very vertex with Mexican beans and set on a bed of pico-de-gallo, each cone is topped with avocado ice cream! First, the avocado ice cream sweetens my mouth, then the bland crunch of the cone, and finally salty, spicy beans make the medley of tastes and textures complete. Not to miss out on any element, I eat the pico-de-gallo with a spoon.

Only New Zealand avocados are used for the live guacamole session. The flavor is definitely worth the price. they make it well. The perfect balance of spice, tang… even salt and pepper. I enjoy eating my portion with the all time favorite, crisp, triangular nachos. Going all out, I order the lasagne fritta: fried pasta with four cheese stuffing on a bed of alfredo sauce topped with tomato marinara and beetroot microgreens prettying it up. I find it a bit heavy with an overdose of cheese and I’m not a big fan of fried pasta.

Coming to desserts, if I were to choose one, it would be tres leches over the deconstructed tiramisu. It has coconut in different forms, and the vanilla sponge cake is soaked in milk, softening it and letting the coconut hold forth. Because it is not too sweet and is white, it gives the impression of purity. And vivid rose petals add to its visual appeal.

Quattro Ristorante, Nungambakkam, Chennai: Plus & Minus

Gourmet vegetarians in Chennai certainly have one more option. I like the effort the Quattro people have put into procuring their ingredients to keep their food as authentic as they possibly can. They helpfully offer small and large portions, too. However, it can get a bit too cheesy and creamy.

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