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Uno Mas - Tapas Bar Kitchen, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai

Uno Mas – Tapas Bar Kitchen, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai

Restaurant Name: Uno Mas – Tapas Bar Kitchen, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai
Phone: 022 30151926
Address: Inspire BKC, Unit 2, MGL Gas Pump Service Lane, Bandra Kurla Complex Road, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, Maharashtra India
Time: 12 Noon – 1:30 AM
Meals for two: Rs. 2,000
Cuisines: Spanish, European
Facilities: Full Bar Available, Indoor Seating, Free Wifi, Live Music, Valet Parking Available, Nightlife, Serves Cocktails, Private Dining Area Available, Restricted Entry

Thankfully! The wait is over. As a Spanish cuisine fan I’ve been going back to Spain… again and again. I’ve been thrilling to all it’s exuberantly different regional avatars… Basque, Valencian. Andalusian and more. I’ve been moaning Mumbai’s lack of a Spanish restaurant and now it’s here. In the swish glass and concrete jungle called BKC. A short while ago, it opened to good reviews and it’s packed to the seams. Impossible to get a table. But we’re okay to jump up, slide sideways onto the island bar table. Till a table frees up nearby and the flamenco dance is in full swing. I’m in great company, Meher Davis who works wonders with noninvasive, drug free NAET, the natural solution to eliminate allergies and Mumbai-Angelino hybrid, Pia Davis who is here from Los Angeles where she is completing her doctorate in psychology. Also with us is a well-travelled carnivorous Spanish experto en comida (food expert) and together we eat our way through the menu. Does Uno Mas (one more) deserve “one more” visit? Read on to find out.

Uno Mas – Tapas Bar Kitchen, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai: Decor

Bustling. Vibrant. Spanish. Vaulted ceilings, fired clay floors, arched balconies, ceilings hand painted porcelain tiles, porcelain frames… get the picture? The island bar is the heart of this throbbing restaurant, there is a casual sit out on one side and on the other, a cozy balcony that overlooks the entire restaurant. Kudos Tejal Mathur Design (love your Pali Village Cafe and Pali Bhavan too)

Uno Mas – Tapas Bar Kitchen, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai: Food

Happily for the uninitiated, its all about familiar and well known Spanish tapas and Paella (of course). Simply superb and superbly simple, the plumpest of prawns lustily sparkled with garlic and olive oil. Spanish hams are the best and our favorite Iberico and Serrano are served here, Iberico with the rustic Pan Con Tamate makes for a heady combination. Moorish spices infuse fall-off-the-bone lamb chops, Lime Coriander Shrimp Delights.

Vegetarians are in for a happy treat. Ask for the crazily addictive Aubergine Fritter drizzled with chilli honey, potato staple Patata Bravas with a slightly tangy kiss, and don’t miss the tasty charred Broccoli florets in a chillilemon vinaigrette. Even the Tacos brimming with tangy cauliflower are worth trying. As are the mushrooms in olive oil. Though it’s made with the short grained Indian idli rice the moist Paella, flavorful with the bounty of the sea is on point. As a rule I hate those deep fried Churros, but Uno Mas’s churros pack in a crisp, light, airiness that is irresistible. Luscious Tres Leches unique bread, and oh that Spanish style French toast Torrija kissed with cinammon.

The orange tart (though not classic) explodes with the sweet sunny flavor of Spain.

Uno Mas – Tapas Bar Kitchen, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai: Minus Points

Locating it can be a pain (GPS notwithstanding) Its tucked into an off the beaten track, fairly new corporate tower, Inspire. Avoidable humdrum dishes like the Bonconcini, the overcooked chicken. Can get noisy at dinner time, making conversation impossible. Authentic regional dishes missing.

Uno Mas – Tapas Bar Kitchen, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai: My Point

Charming and unpretentious. Relaxed yet rocking. Open through the day. Hats off to the dynamo women behind Uno Mas: Cordon Bleu trained chef Pallavi Jayswal and Priyanka Sharma, patisseur Anurita Ghosh and interior designer Tejal Mathur. We love the robust, exuberant fare. It is Spanish food cleverly, subtly and deliciously tuned to the Indian palate. Plenty of creative cocktails and chunky fruit laden sangria lubricate our evening. Mumbai’s new Spanish entrant hits the sweet sunny spot. We plan to return again and again… Uno Mas (one more) should change it’s name to Mucho Mas (many more).

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